twenty random facts about me

1.I have been a night owl for as long as I can remember. My best friend growing up, Victoria and I used to try to “pull all nighters” but we’d always finally fall asleep sometime around 4 am. And even though I never stopped trying it wasn’t till I discovered mt. dew code red in the 9th grade I could stay up all night.

2.I can’t draw but I love to doodle. My doodles are mostly hearts, scribbles and flowers a 5 year old could make better than me. Oh, and I can make a bumble bee if I have yellow and black pen.

3. If I had extra money for a shopping spree I’d only buy things for my kids. I feel guilty about buying things for myself. But before Jaqlyn was born I was a very impulsive shopper.  Now I just impulsively shop for toys.

4. I always think it’s weird that when you have adult relationships they almost never meet your parents. Maybe it’s just the fact that 6 years ago my mom did know all my friends.

5. My handwriting changes as I write. I think I have about 3 different writing styles.

6. I’ve only had one good pet. A black and white cat named Patches.  Even now as an adult don’t really find the wanting for a pet.

7. I hate wearing anything but chap stick on my lips, I am NOT a lipstick or gloss gal.

8. The only magazines I’ve ever been able to read cover to cover are Self and Parents. But I love to read.  I am usually reading two books at once.

9. I sometimes go through small phases of OCD where I need to clean. I call them “clean clean phases.” I’ve pulled all nighters on a “CCP” but sometimes I’ll die down in the middle of one and be left with a mess bigger than the one I started with.

10. I also tie all my wrappers into knots.  Most of the time I don’t even realize it until someone calls me out.

11. In high school I ran cross country and track but it was when I was 9ish that I was told I had a lot of endurance after a turkey trot race. I went to regionals and did not do well after I ate half a hamburger before I ran. I’ve since ran two half marathons and would love to get back into running.

12. I don’t really think copying is the highest form of flattery. Especially if you steal the persons stuff.

13. I don’t usually throw up, no matter how sick I get. I’m pretty sure I’ve only thrown up 5 times in my entire life. The time I can remember as a kid was when I threw up all over my strawberry shortcake comforter.
14. I rarely drink after a night of “jungle juice” with friends in AZ. Well I rarely drank before that too. I used to do the occasional Jager Bomb with my husband but I’m more of a designated driver kinda gal.

15. When I was in the 4th grade I fractured my arm by riding into the gap between the sidewalk and grass. My mom didn’t believe me because I was trying to watch my bike because some kids my age were messing with it. She didn’t take me to the doctor for two weeks. I needed to be in a cast, and of course I chose my favorite color, purple.

16. I can’t walk properly in heels anymore. I only own one pair. I used to know how, and would wear them all night at school dances.

17. When Jaqlyn was 4 months old I got really bad post pardum depression and needed to be hospitalized for 3 days. When I got out I went against doctors orders and went to a job interview I had missed. I had set it up because I knew something was wrong and I needed to get out of the house. I worked for them for a year and a half before I went to school to become a dental assistant.

18. I have a few nicknames but the one that stands out the most is the one that I don’t understand. My grandmother has always called me Nickel. I don’t think she even knows why she calls me it.

19. Anyone that has known me more than a couple days almost always ends up calling me Jess. I really don’t like being called Jesse. There has only been one person to get away with it, my children’s god father

20. I find sometimes I can be a little hypocritical. Go ahead and call me out on it if I have been.


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